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Leave a Legacy

There are many ways to include the Petfinder Foundation in your estate-planning process. Please consult your attorney to learn more about each of the options listed below.

Consider naming the Petfinder Foundation as a beneficiary of your will or living trust. Charitable gifts made by bequest are not taxed as part of your estate.


Types of bequests include:

  • A fixed amount of money or specific stocks or other investments.
  • A percentage of your estate.
  • A contingent bequest, naming the Petfinder Foundation as the recipient should another beneficiary not survive you.
  • A residual bequest, leaving a portion or the entire remainder of your estate to the Petfinder Foundation after all else has been settled.

We suggest using the following language in your will or living trust to avoid confusion:

“I hereby give and bequeath to the Petfinder Foundation, a nonprofit organization located at 4729 East Sunrise Drive, #119; Tucson, AZ 85718; Tax I.D. #87-0694641, the sum of $______________ [or, for a residual bequest, ‘___% of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal’] to be used for its general purposes.”

You can download a Planned Giving Intent form here. To learn more about planned giving, email [email protected].

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Life Insurance Gifts

There are several ways to donate life insurance:

  • You may contribute the face value of the policy.
  • You can name the Petfinder Foundation the owner and/or beneficiary of the policy.
  • You can name the Petfinder Foundation a successor beneficiary in case of the death of the primary beneficiary(ies) named in the policy.

Each option has different tax benefits. Please consult your accountant or attorney to learn more.

TOD or POD Accounts

Designating a bank or investment account Paid on Death or Transfer on Death means the assets will pass to the Petfinder Foundation immediately upon your passing, avoiding the lengthy and costly probate process.

  • “Paid on Death (POD)” accounts can be used to instruct a bank to pay to the Petfinder Foundation all or a portion of what remains in a checking, savings, money-market or CD account.
  • “Transfer on Death (TOD)” accounts can be used to instruct a brokerage, mutual fund or other investment firm to transfer what remains in a securities account to the Petfinder Foundation.

Planned Giving FAQs

Q: What does my lawyer need to know to include the Petfinder Foundation in my estate plan?
A: Our legal name is the Petfinder Foundation. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located at 4729 East Sunrise Drive, #119; Tucson, AZ 85718 and our federal tax identification number is 87-0694641.

Q: What is the best way to remember the Petfinder Foundation in my will?
A: We encourage donors to consider giving their support without restrictions, so that the Petfinder Foundation can use the funds to help homeless pets in the greatest need.

Q: What kinds of assets may be given to the Petfinder Foundation under my will?
A: The Petfinder Foundation is able to accept gifts of cash or appreciated securities as well as contributions of life insurance, retirement or pension plan assets. We are unable to accept gifts of real estate, tangible personal property or automobiles.

The Petfinder Foundation is not able to give professional, legal planned-giving advice. We highly recommend seeking legal consultation prior to drafting your planned-giving documents.